Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Slapsgiving weekend.

Hello, again!

This past weekend was thanksgiving weekend for those of us here in Canada who celebrate the real thanksgiving ;).

We had dinner here at our place. This was the third or fourth Turkey I have made. It was still partially frozen when I put it in the oven. It turned out delicious and tender, albeit 1 1/2 hours later than I had planned for. I was worried, because I do not have a meat thermometer (you may point accusatory fingers at me as you wish. I could kill somebody). So far, nobody has called to tell me about salmonella poisoning.

Anyway, Sunday involved a lot of boiling and testing and mashing carrots and turnips (which, let's be honest, logic dictates should not be a food, but we mash it with carrots and brown sugar and BUTTER! anyway) and cream-braising brussels sprouts until they are nutty and delicious (deemed worthy for consumption by my sixteen-year-old brother whose last vegetable was LAST slapsgiving dinner, when I last made said brussels sproups) and making pumpkin pie from scratch for the first time. By scratch, I mean that I used canned pumpkin and spiced it myself. I did make my own crust, I'm pretty good with shortcrust pastry.

But, DID YOU KNOW that there is condensed milk in a pumpkin pie filling? Well, there is. And, had you, like me, forgotten that condensed milk is totally, completely, out-of-this-world scrumptious and decadent?? WHO NEEDS THE PIE?

Also, on sunday, I got registered.

(as a sex offender. Ha, ha)

No, but actually, I meant that we registered for wedding gifts. And can I be totally, brutally honest? It was about six million times more fun that I could ever have dreamed of. Even though there are basically only two choices of store to register at. One is The Bay, and the other is Home Outfitters, which is owned by The Bay. It's either that, or ask for cash envelopes. Seriously! You think I am kidding.

We registered for a bunch of stuff, mostly small. But the size doesn't really matter for the most part, because people are going to buy it! for me! and I won't even have to pay! just because they love me, and they love Kyle, and Kyle and Me love each other! Isn't that fabulous?

We did scan just one big-ticket item, though:

Dyson Ball Animal DC-25

At $699, this is likely out of our friends' and families' price ranges. I do not expect to actually get this, unless we have some particularly generous-feeling grandparents or our friends decide to give us a group gift. The Bay does have a neat program in which we can continue to add items to our registry up to our first anniversary, then buy things off it at the best sale price it has had in the past year. Cool, yeah? makes me want to toss all our stuff to the curb, just so I can be all like BUT CHECK OUT THE DEAL I GOT ON THE NEW ONE.

I won't do that, though, because I'm not crazy.

*if you get the slapsgiving reference, you are officially awesome and can we be friends?


  1. That's a funny coincidence, because I just heard that the Dyson Ball Animal DC-25 is the gift that most registered sex offenders prefer! Probably has something to do with the name. Or the suckage power.

  2. hahaha slapsgiving (aren't there 3 slaps left?)! only celebrated it twice and that was the US version, but thinking of maybe making some pumpkin pie when we have turkey (which is new years..not the same really..)but your cooking sounds amazing!

  3. Oh man, my sister and I used to eat condensed milk on graham crackers. Heavenly.

  4. Mmmmm...I want some pie!!!

    An registering for a wedding, must be so amazing. I cannot wait until it's my turn. <*don't mean to sound so desperate*>