Monday, June 22, 2009

Can't argue with the truth.

I wish this was card from egg-a-go-go was available in poster form.
I sense an alchemy request in the very near future.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I love my Pa.

My dad and stepmum just left my house after sharing a wonderful father's day dinner with me.
Kyle had to leave to do a short work-related stint of travelling as soon as they got here, which was sad. But, at the same time, his absence afforded me a really lovely evening alone with my dad and his new(ish) wife, who I predict will be a great friend to me.

We barbecued ribs, I shared two bottles of wine with my stepmum, and engaged in some light, fun conversation.

And, in the course of things, of talking of family and travelling and aspirations, they dropped a huge, fantastic peice of news.

They want to help with the wedding! Like, a lot!
This may not seem a big thing to many who might see or hear this. It's common and even expected for a bride's parents to pay for or at least help with wedding-related costs. But my relationship with my dad in the past has been less than ideal, and for several years was fairly strained, partially because I had committed to Kyle at such a young age, something which a father must accept with difficulty. In addition to that, my family has never had money. I'm talking living in subsidised housing for my entire childhood, with our family sometimes receiving welfare or employment insurance cheques. Only recently have these financial stresses been alleviated for my dad, and my mum still struggles to meet her monthly committments.

Therefore, a monetary pledge from my dad means so much more than just money.
It means that he approves of my choice of a partner. It means that he trusts my judgement in making my decision to get married, even though he might think I'm a bit too young still.
And what that money means, means a lot to me.

I am touched. I am appreciative. I am blessed.
Happy Father's Day, Everyone.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wonderful Irresponsibility.

I slept through my alarm this morning (weird, wonder if that had anything to do with being up until 1:30 when I had to get up at 5:30).

And, when I woke up (at 9), I decided that instead of scrambling to get ready for practicum, then get there and have to explain everything, I was just going to laze around, make some tea, and post on my much neglected blog instead. I emailed my instructor, and now, here I am.

(you're) The one that I want

woo, hoo hoo.

look at this, would you?

just look at it. it's so wonderful.

Kyle and I are choosing our own wedding bands, because we want to. We have different styles, and if we are going to wear a ring for the rest of our lives, the peice itself might as well be as beautiful to us as the thing it stands for, no?
In other news, the wedding venue is BOOKED! I will be getting married on:

May 22, 2010 (!!!)

Wow. It's less than one year away.

We have been engaged for two years already (three by the time our wedding date rolls around) and I have been (im)patiently waiting for the time to come when I can start planning. And this is it!

So, stay tuned over the next year to find out the trials and tribulations of planning a wedding with less than $10,000 (we are trying for 7-8000. yeah, we're crazy.)

Yikes, What am I doing awake? I have to be up in four hours.