Monday, September 28, 2009


We received and set up the new bed frame on friday.

I am new to this bed-under-the-window setup, but it gives us a little bit more walking-around space in our very small bedroom. (the photo had to be taken from outside the room.)

Note to self: move the bed 3 inches to the right.

my new mission in life is to fill the bedside-table void with something unique and modern-ish on both sides. The sole bedside table (a sad, precarious Ikea LACK side table) is on Kyle's side of the bed now, and as I am really the only one who uses it, that will have to change.

these window films were inspired by this project on Design*Sponge. They block most of the ugly view out the windows, of the gravel driveway and parking area at the back of our house, which serves all four units in the house. This means a lot of people walk by our bedroom window. The films do a lot to help the bedroom feel private, and not like a puppet stage or peep show.

Things have calmed down with the landlord drama, so we have decided against moving for now. because a) it sucks to find a place allowing pets and b) we are not currently in a position to sign a lease, because there is a very good chance of moving away from here once I am done with school. The health authority here has a hiring freeze on, and I need me some money! Various locations have been thrown around in talks, but the latest and most bizarre: Los Angeles, or The Last Place in the Known Universe I Would Ever Have Desired to Live. More on that another time.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Room Crush

So, um, yeah. I know most of my posts lately have been all, 'look what I have collected from all the other corners of the internet'. But I have been craving pretty images lately, and also feeling like my house is too cluttered. So the designer-magazine quality homes with just enough in them make me happy inside.

from Rene Norman's house tour on ApartmentTherapy. I love the warm quality of the rug, which was apparently from Ikea. Circa 2006. Guess I missed out on that one. Also, the big art peice which takes the eye away from the TV without making a lame attempt at hiding it.
This Nashville home in Cookie Magazine is just too perfect for words. I want a cup of coffee at that table, STAT.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Weird! and cool!

So, it turns out I don't need to plan my wedding anymore.

not because anything is wrong!! nothing is wrong. It's just that someone beat me to it.

This wedding has all, and I mean ALL the details I have been imagining for months. I must conclude that the couple is totally awesome.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


perfect curation + beautiful blues from the files of Chloe Brown. Via Desire to Inspire.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


A pretty image for you today.

Photo by MayaLee
That is all.

Monday, September 14, 2009

In which I blurt out something I meant to keep quiet

I tried so very hard to keep this a secret, at least until they are sent...

But I can't. The Save the Dates go out this month, that counts for something, right?
I designed these myself! and I am so, so very proud of the outcome. All fonts from Dafont, free for personal use. Paper from Paper Source.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Super Chic

After seeing this post at Making it Lovely, I had to go check out the Shabby Apple. And oh, boy! Am I ever glad I did.

Tuxedo Dress, $72

Nancy Drew Dress, $82

Marseilles Dress, $86

I positively love all these four, but I am particularly fantasizing about floating around school in the Nancy Drew Dress and cute rainboots. I am very seriously considering having all the bridesmaids pick a flattering black dress off this site.
And, can we talk for a second about the super-reasonable prices?
Head on over and check out the whole site! There is a special 'Manhattan' collection featuring some very Mad Men inspired frocks. Betty Draper would be proud.

Friday, September 11, 2009

All growed up.

The other day, we made a furniture purchase that makes me feel like a bona fide grownup:

We bought a bed. Not a new mattress, but an actual, peice-of-furniture bed.

We purchased a memory foam mattress a about 2 years ago now, and it is an absolute dream to sleep on. But we have had it on an old, squeaky, unsupportive boxspring the entire time, and it absolutely detracts from the comfort of the mattress. thus, one side (my side) of the bed is a teensy weensy bit elevated.

That probably wouldn't bother most people, but I am a total insomniac. My body will accept any excuse to make sleeping more difficult for me. Thus, I toss and turn despite the luxurious mattress, and it was time to go and buy a slatted bed frame to preserve my (and Kyle's) sanity.

Being one half of a couple brings certain compromises. We were on a budget, firstly. But secondly, and most importantly, Kyle and I have completely different styles.

I am a minimalist at heart, though my curating skills are poor. Scandanavian style: White space, lots of light, warm wood tones, eclectic touches. Kyle likes...

Well, I'm not really sure what Kyle likes. Urban loft circa 2004 might describe it best, though some of the things he pointed out at the stores we went to were wayyy out of left feild.

Thus, we were at an impass. At the end of shopping day one, we left the store completely frustrated with each other.

Eventually, though, we ended up with something like this:

I know, right? neither urban loft (apart from the dark wood) nor scandanavian simple. But you know what? I kind of love it. I sat on the bed, laid down on it even. It felt solid and maybe even a bed we could keep for years, to transition from this rental to the next, into the home we will one day be able to afford. It felt like the sort of peice of furniture we could snuggle up with our hypothetical children in on sunday mornings.

Yes, it was kind of a compromise for us both, but a buy which we could both see potential in, and both liked. Which is definitely better than one of us getting what we want and the other one losing.

Besides, paired with the right nightstands, bedding, and wall decor, I'm sure I can still have elements of the simple style I dream of, right?