Friday, October 2, 2009

A lovely place to snuggle up

In the post about setting up the bed, you can see that we've got white sheets on the bed.

I just bought them the day before the bed came, and oooh, how crazy I must be. I am that person who will projectile-spill my coffee, curry, red wine, or tomato sauce past any and all dark-coloured clothing, just so that I can screw up the three square inches of white I am wearing.

I hesitated about buying white sheets. But they were cheap, they had a high thread count, and after all, white is my favourite colour! So I did it.

And I am so, so glad. I feel so clean and cozy crawling into my white-sheeted bed.

I'm now daydreaming about a white duvet. Specifically this one from Designer's Guild.

Just for one second, can we focus on the edge detail on the pillow shams and flat sheet? Come on! That's beautiful!

Thankfully, it's much more money than I am willing to spend on something that would be wrecked immediately*

I am also in love with this:

*even if not by me, directly. Remember the big black dog? The consequences of what would happen to that beautiful bed if I accidentally left the bedroom door open when I went out make me cringe.

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