Thursday, October 28, 2010

All the other Annas.

Does anyone else do this? Whenever I see something pretty or creative done by someone with the same name as me, I do a proud little happy dance. As if we are some kind of secret society, spurring each other on, even though we've never met or even spoken, sharing something special - our names! And therefore, I have this odd sense of pride over anything made by someone named Anna, and feel the need to boast about it as if is were my own accomplishment.

So, here are a few creative Annas I thought I would brag about for all of you today:

Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co.'s illustrations always give me little flutters of happiness. Her hand-drawn lettering and flowers are to die for, and every little thing in her shop right down to the littlest greeting card is something I would keep and cherish always, if it were to find its way into my grubby little paws.

I will always remember Anna Cote, since she was the maker of the first thing I ever bought off Etsy (I bought a set of Gocco printed coasters, and they came prettily wrapped, and her business card stayed on my fridge for the longest time because it was so cute) I love these little sets of notecards.

Anna Dorfman's home is amazing. She has the best eye and knows exactly what she loves, unlike wishy-washy old me. Her blog, Door Sixteen, was one of the first I ever started to read. She also designs book covers, which I think is awesome.

Anna Lincoln lives in London, and designs some pretty amazing things. This print is one of a series called 'Pub Crawl', which depicts the facades of various pubs. She also paints things onto the sides of buildings and designs wallpapers and wrapping papers. Tres cool.

Anna Wolf's fashion & lifestyle photography is wonderfully moody and every single one of her photos gets my imagination ticking. Also, I wish she would take my portrait because every single one on her website makes the subject look supercool and badass. Check out more, here.

I don't know what to say about Anna-Wili Highfield's work other than this: It takes my breath away. I must own one of these at some juncture in my life.

Are there any Creative Cats in this world that share your name?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Settling in: Progress.

The start of what could be a nice little gallery wall

The photo on the right is of Kyle's great uncle. I wish I'd taken a photo of it without the reflective glass in front - its a) incredibly stylish and b) filled with great textures. I want his glasses.

Amsterdam picture from Ikea. Although I'd rather have something more unique, those pieces will come over time, and we already have and like this, so it works. Before I go painting the wall I'm going to replace the throw pillow covers with dark gray and see whether I can achieve some sort of tonal grayscale effect in the room.

Beer posters from home! Phillips Brewery is my favourite, and we miss having good local beer! (There are a couple of micros here that we like, but they don't compare. We have this strange and fierce loyalty to these guys, as do many Victorians - Their blue buck consistently outsells big names like molson and bud 2:1 around town /endtangent)

Our wee kitchen. Fridge and stove against the wall where I'm standing to take the photo.

Didn't realize till just now that I forgot to close the cupboard doors... oops!