Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A premature announcement + Adventures in Canadian furniture shopping

So my new job (this is a bit cocky to say, it hasn't yet been officially offered to me) is in St. John's, Newfoundland. Random, yes, I know.

Kyle and I are beyond excited for it, though. We really think this move is not only going to be a fun adventure for us, but moving to a place where the cost of living is so much lower than here is going to help us get ahead financially in ways we could never accomplish on the west coast.

We are planning on selling nearly all of our worldly possessions here in preparation for this move, since moving furniture is pricey, especially for things of such low quality as we've accumulated here.  This presents challenges, of course: we are going to have to start anew when (if) we get to our new home. St. John's is not very big, certainly smaller than here, and I am not familiar with the shops there AT ALL. All I know is that the nearest IKEA (they who bringeth good design to us peasant people) is very, VERY far away. In fact, every retailer I know of is very, very far away from St. John's.

So I've been doing some searching on the internet, and it looks like my design options will be..... well, lacking, with the exception of a couple of small and pricey shops.

Enter Modern Karibou, which is an online Canadian store with all the modern design I've been drooling over for the past.... wait, when was the internet invented?... let's just say, forever (and whose website i just spent a completely indecent amount of time drooling over).

Including this sofa from Gus* Modern, which I have subsequently nicknamed 'the sexiest sofa ever in the history of the universe':

Yeah, so, it's $3500. But we are talking about forever peices here, no? (Bonus: Gus* is also a Canadian company who is beginning to construct their furnishings from sustainable woods and fabrics)

and this just-right coffee table from OFFI:
Scando Table, $649-799 CAD

I've created a wishlist to show Kyle when he gets home, which includes a lot of bed and table linens from Dwell and Amenity, as well as a Fatboy. (Side note: looking at my wishlist, my choices are much more strong-lined and masculine than I would ever have guessed.)

So, in short, I can't afford any of this. But you bet I can save my pennies and make splurges one at a time until I have the furniture collection I've always lusted over.
And, In the meantime, I can always go fantasy-shopping.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Oh, luxurious leisurely day.

I woke up this morning, for the first time that I can remember in a long time, and thought to myself;

What do I want to do today?

And then I did a little mental happy dance, because I can hardly remember when I last had this luxury - usually, the question is 'what do I need to get done today?' Not that there is nothing on my to-do list... but there is nothing that needs my immediate attention.

So I put on some coffee, read a book for a while, and came on to the computer to read the posts in my google reader - and today, I didn't just scroll through, stopping on favourites or for a catchy title or nice photo. I read them! all!

Next, I'm going to take my pup-pup for a walk (or maybe even a run), Walk over to the new (big) thrift store around the corner to have a lookie-loo (Kyle bought an almost-new pair of roller blades there for only $4.50 a couple weeks ago), go to my hair appointment this afternoon, and then maybe do a bit of grocery shopping and make a simple, healthy dinner tonight.

So yeah, I might be dirt poor and jobless (though I have a phone interview tomorrow for a job across the country) and in a semi-permanent state of distress and panic, but today, I have a blank schedule, and am free to revel in all the luck in my life. I am a university graduate! I am marrying my love in six weeks! I have great friends, supportive family, and a whole life and career to get started on!

And I'm going to start it right now. By taking a slow, luxurious, agenda-less stroll with the dog.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Today marks my one-year blogiversary!

today is also:
- Easter sunday (obviously)
- Five days after my final nursing school evaluation (I passed!)
- 48 days until my wedding!!
- Two weeks(ish) until I am eligible to start working as a nurse.

All of these big changes and plans have got me in a bit of a tizzy of anxiety lately. I have been trying not to stress over not having any money and not having a job yet or even a remote idea of when a job might come my way, but to little avail. I have constant butterflies in my stomach and a tight feeling in my chest, and am finding myself fighting not to cry over nothing several times a day.

I've been finding focus in doing yoga a couple times a week, and I made up this little poster to hang in my bedroom to remind me every day:

because, well........ it is.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


The other day my lovely friend and co-maid of honour, Sheena, helped me cross another wedding project off my list. I didn't have a lot of choices as far as tissue paper colours went, but I really love how these sherbet-y colours ended up looking together, and I'm glad I never committed to a hard and fast colour palate!

We may need more, but it sure feels good to be getting things done... especially things that I can actually see and hold in my hands.