Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sea Sickness

Octopi freak me out. Not because of the way they look, but because I truly believe that if their lifespans were long enough, they could easily rule the world. Their intelligence in comparison to humans is freaky (I once saw a documentary which equated the intelligence of a two-year-old octopus with a five-year-old human child).

And not only that, but I have a very active imagination. As a child, I had nightmares that Ursula (from the little mermaid) lived in our bathroom toilet and would one day come up the drain and consume me as I did my pee.

So I'm not exactly sure why I've been having trouble getting this Octopus shower curtain from Thomas Paul out of my head. Because I do NOT want it. No, Sirree.

$96 USD at Design Public

And I especially do not want to wrap myself up in those freaky, coldly calculating, exquisitely illustrated tentacles or rub them against my face with this baby alpaca throw.
$350 USD at Design Public
No, definitely not.

Except that I do. In fact, I think I may have some sort of nautical illness. Every time I think about decorating our new living room, I am thinking about navy and stripes and rope and anchors. And wondering where I can get a round mirror that feels like a porthole. I haven't been able to get this print from Banquet off my mind for nearly six months.

Marine Animals Poster, $60 USD

So what do I do? Do I run with it? or is this theme-y bordering on tacky?

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