Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pillow talk

Since we are still undecided about how long we want to stay here in St. John's (Read: we want to go hoooomme), Kyle and I have decided not to make any large or long-term furniture purchases here. We want to be able to sell everything we own, pack up the car, and high-tail it outta here.

That said, we want to make our place nice (well, I want to make it nice. I'm partially convinced that Kyle would be perfectly happy with milk crates for tables, a bean bag chair, and a really big TV). I think we could become exponentially happier here (by here, I mean in the new house we move into next month) if we can make it feel like home as much as possible. One of my favourite ways to do this: textiles! Curtains, sheets, throw pillows and blankets.

So here are my Etsy favourites in the throw pillow category.


Hmm. Bows, Burlap, Ikat, Suzanni, Marimekko, Chevron. Yes, it would seem I am a sickening trend-follower.

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