Sunday, August 22, 2010

Decisions, Decisions.

For our wedding, a few amazing friends from nursing school pooled together and got Kyle and I a gift certificate to Modern Karibou.

We originally planned to use it towards buying the coffee table I blogged about before, but given the temporariness of our situation here, we don't want to acquire any more furniture that we won't be able to take back (remember, we plan to purge and start over.)

And while we could wait to use it until we get home, I am very tempted to use this gift certificate to upgrade our bedding situation. And dammit, we could use a bit of luxury in our lives after these two months sleeping on an air mattress, natch*.

I have been in love with Dwell's draper stripe set for a long, long time.

except then I would have to decide between chinois blue and ash grey, and also if I get the duvet set then will I pine after the sheet set? Will I?

But I also love the airiness, texture and simplicity of the Area Heather set in natural. It would just make everything else around it so dreamy and spalike, no?

Oh, decisions. I think this one might be up to Kyle.

*and yes, I had to look up the appropriate usage of natch on urban dictionary.

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