Saturday, August 14, 2010

After this much bad luck with landlords, I could really write a book.

This house (the junky one that we're leaving in two weeks [yay!]) has some kind of water problem. It comes mostly from the basement, but it can be heard through most of the house. it just sounds like running water through the pipes - kind of like the toilet is running. Only it's not.

So the other day, some plumbers showed up unannounced. I was at work, but Kyle was off for the day. They started by taking the toilet out, checking around, then reinstalling it. Nothing. They went downstairs, to the part of the ceiling underneath the toilet, which happens to be inside the kitchen cabinets. The food cabinet. They remove nothing, and start ripping a hole in the ceiling.

Oh, look. black mould. on my food. Thanks, dudes. Mind cleaning that up? No? Well fuck you very much then.

So as it turns out the problem is a leaky/burst water main. Which really is not my problem, because I won't have to live here while the city comes and tears up the street to fix it. Except they're not coming. Because our landlord doesn't plan on doing anything about it. Her own words.

Yeah. I've had some slummy landlords in the past, but this is a big deal! What do I do? Call the city? or just move out of here and leave the problem to someone else?

(PS - I just googled 'burst water main' and was met with a bunch of apocalyptic pictures such as this one:)
 Hmm. growing concern.

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