Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Taking pictures

We think we have found a wedding photographer! We are heading out to do our engagement session next saturday evening, and it has me wondering...
Where to go?
There are some places in town, which, while beautiful, seem to be the automatic spot to to take pictures (cough*dallasroadbeaconhillpark*cough), and really, I don't want to fall victim to those stereotypical places.
So where, then?

I like the idea of playing on a swingset, in which case, almost anyplace would do.
Kyle suggested chinatown.
I suggested playing on a mini golf course.

I wish we had a fair in town, because it would be, hands down, the place to go for this - our wedding is going to be country-fair-western inspired. By which I mean that it's going to be an awesome party.
And what about props? We can't forget those. I love the ice cream cone pictured above, and you all probably know how much I like balloons.

And then also, what should I wear?

I had no idea taking some pictures would be so anxiety-inducing.

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