Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hands up if you love Robert Downey Junior!

Last night, Roomie Drew had a girl over.
I was trying to play it cool but inside, so excited for him, because he hasnt had a girl over in an indecent amount of time. I wanted to dish out the high-fives, but somehow it didn't seem appropriate.
Anyway. So I retreated to my bedroom with a book and a pot of tea, you know, to give them some alone time. After a whole pot of tea, however, one usually has to use the bathroom. I come out of the bedroom all sneaky-like, hoping not to interrupt anything which may be going on in the living room. When I come out, Drew calls out - "Guess what we're watching?"

And, without looking, I knew. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Which, by the way, is the most hilarious movie ever made. A prerequisite for being allowed to stay in our house is loving that movie. Luckily, everyone loves it and we haven't had to go through the awkward process of breaking the news to our friends that they are being excommunicated.

So I came and watched. And when it got to this line, drew looks at me and says:
"Remember last summer when this was your facebook status for like a month?"

Yeah, I named my blog after it, actually. No big deal.

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