Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Check it out, y'all!

Hoo, boy. Where have I been?
Friday's party was a smashing success, and definitely a night to remember. I was in charge of decorations among other things, and I didn't get a chance to take many photos! But other people did, and I am working on getting some decoration pictures to show off, because I was pretty darned proud of myself.

HOWEVER, this is not a post about decorations. Oh, no.
I am going to show you guys our engagement photos! Or, at least, a sneak peek.

This gorgeous little courtyard garden is hidden away right in the middle of downtown, sandwiched behind some boutiques and an Italian restaurant.

The graffitied wall is a two-second walk from that gorgeous courtyard.

Adorable, non? We are so pleased with them, we had a fabulous time, and to top it all off, these photographers are new in town and giving us an absolute steal of a deal on their services as they build a reputation here. I wasn't quite sure how I would feel about them, since I often gravitate towards very light, feminine, sun-washed pictures, and downtown on a cloudy evening didn't seem quite like me. However, Kyle was very excited about this idea, and I'm glad I went along with it! The darker photos seem kind of exotic and mysterious, and, given that the wedding photos will be taken in full daylight (hopefully sunlight) and have a much airier, nature-y feel, this seems like a nice contrast.

*Side note: It's not so apparent in these few particular photos, but I am slightly concerned about the number of chins I seem to have in photographs lately. Time to hit the gym.

photos by Orange Passion Photography

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  1. the phto of the two of you in the courtyard is absolutely aaamaaazing! Go you for trying something different ^^