Friday, August 14, 2009

Busy Bee

I'm having my last cup of coffee before diving headfirst into a busy, busy weekend!

Today is one of my best friends' 30th birthdays, her day is going to be full of surprises, one of which may or may not involve a diamond ring. We need to keep her occupied the whole day! So, starting at noon, I will be:
  • eating lunch at a fine dining restaurant I can't afford
  • Playing 9 holes of golf (my first time this year! yay!)
  • Dropping her off at home and waiting until 7ish, when she goes out for dinner
  • Decorating! like a madman! I've got paper lanterns, adorable fabric pennants (which I made using a no-sew tutorial whose link I will post later) tissue paper pomanders, confetti which I lovingly punched out myself from paper in our color scheme
  • fandangling with a disco ball, smoke machine, and light machine for the living room dance party
  • shaking with anticipation (ew, that sounded dirty) as people arrive and we turn out all the lights, getting ready for the big surprise

and finally

  • giving that old geezer a heart attack.

Ha! thank god she has no idea this page exists.

However, the fun doesn't stop there. Saturday I have to work 11-6, and then we are taking engagement photos! I'm so very excited. We decided on Chinatown, mostly because Kyle really, REALLY liked the idea.

But wait, there's more

Sunday is the season premeire of Mad Men! And hoo boy, am I unreasonably excited for that!

okay. I had better go shower now.

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