Monday, April 27, 2009

To Do.

I have been feeling very boring lately. Funny, how as soon as I start a blog, I run out of things to say.

Most every day, I make a to-do list. usually, on the kitchen whiteboard. Having a list helps my abysmal memory and ridiculously short attention span, and crossing things off feels good.

In Lieu of something insightful or beautiful, here is my to-do list this week:
  1. order transcripts for anthropology elective and have them sent to the university so that they don't kick me out of nursing school.
  2. Buy dog food.
  3. Clean out storage closet, put up a craigslist ad or two. (fake Christmas tree, anyone?)
  4. 'Mow' the 'lawn'*, buy and pot a plant or two, stick solar lights in ground.
  5. Do something about the caterpillar tents in the apple tree. I forsee some mighty delicious pies this year, if I could only find an apple sans worm holes.
  6. Paint the hallway (green, like the living room). Bedroom, too, if I get on a roll (white, for simplicity and to take advantage of all the pretty light in there).
  7. While I'm at it, organize the bedroom bookshelf. maybe make Kraft paper sleeves for all the books.
  8. Snip some blossoms from the (plum?) tree that's only sort-of in the yard to swoon over indoors.
  9. Consider applying for a job so that I can feed myself for the next twelve months.
*the grass can only loosely be defined as a lawn. it's very teensy weensy, quite patchy, completely uneven, and interrupted by an apple tree trunk. That said, the grass there is getting out of control. I think the best way to 'mow' it will be with a weed whacker.

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