Monday, April 13, 2009


Right now, our rug looks like this:

(this photo is a bit old, it was taken before I rearranged furniture)
the current rug is Egeby from Ikea, and it's great. We bought it less than a year ago, soon after we moved into the house, to cover up the hideous (seriously) eighties black/grey/beige/blue/mauve stripe wall-to-wall carpeting in our rental. this carpeting is a major downfall to an otherwise nice place, and a compromise we have to make in order to have a dog.

but the dog is the problem. Luna (whose bum can be seen in photo above) is a sweet, lazy, hilarious black and tan coonhound who has an affinity for eating garbage and a rather sensitive stomach.

you can see where this is going.

In the fall, Luna got into the trash can. Then, accidents were had. On the less than 2-months-old rug, which, being seagrass, was the closest thing to grass that she could find to 'go' on.

We cleaned up the spots as best we could. We moved on with our lives. I went out and bought a locking garbage can (this one from simplehuman). THE VERY NEXT DAY, I cleaned out the fridge, and forgot to lock the trash can.
There were mouldy rib bones in said trash can. The aftermath of this led to a $900 vet bill, a very worried Anna, a lot of tears, and poo-stains (which, let's be honest, were more blood than poo) (god, that was far too much information. sorry. someone stop me now.)

Now, I'm a student. A student who had just paid a $900 vet bill. So I cleaned and cleaned that rug, not wanting to have to buy a new one. The rug came out a little (a lot) worse for wear but with the stains almost gone. It doesn't quite lie flat anymore, because in case you didn't know, NATURAL FIBERS WARP AFTER GETTING THEM WET. Now you know. The photo above was taken after the cleaning, so you can see that I did a fairly good job with the stains, but it's definitely not lying flat.

Anyway, the other day, my dear sweet puppy again ate something which didn't agree with her, and in the night, had another accident on the carpet. Just one. Something a dog owner should be able to deal with from time to time.

I woke up the next morning and promptly lost my shit. Don't worry, no animals were harmed in the tantrum.

Anyway, the whole ordeal has caused me to lust after new rugs. ones which are not the texture of grass. ones which could stand up to spot cleaning. ones which might not hold onto stains like two crazed bridezillas fighting over a dress at a sample sale. Ones with enough pattern to distract from the hideous wall-to-wall carpeting. Or big enough to cover it altogether.

The west elm rug is my absolute favourite... there's only the small issue of my being TOTALLY BROKE. Oh, and they don't ship to Canada.

Flor tiles would also be a great choice, but they are not reccommended for being placed over carpet because they buckle. Wonder if my landlord would let me pull up the fugly carpet and paint the old hardwoods white, like Anna did....
A girl can dream

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