Thursday, November 4, 2010


I have been talking to Kyle about this for weeks now, so I figured it was time to share it here, too.

Everywhere, all over the place, all the cool kids are wearing these amazing, dorky chic glasses. And I want in. First, this vintagey shape was mostly in suglasses form. But now it's all over the place! The deal was sealed when I saw Amber from Parenthood and Finn on last week's episode of Glee (Aside - didn't they do an amazing job of Rocky Horror Picture Show??) sporting them.

I especially love these ones at Warby Parker. The Matte Black finish? All I have to say is: Yeah. These guys seriously get me.

They're called the Roosevelt, which is just perfect.

A try-on pair of these might find their way into my mailbox very, very soon.

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