Monday, November 1, 2010

Recipe Card

Life in my corner of the world has been incredibly busy, but not incredibly interesting. (As evidenced by the 26 days between my last two posts. I'm not entirely convinced I have any readers left after that!)

I have been working tons and doing lots of overtime. This is great for my bank account and great because I'm learning tons, but bad because I sometimes feel like Kyle and I are walking past each other - him on the way out the door to work, me coming home and falling into bed (I work a lot of nights.)

To remedy this feeling, we've been trying to make and eat meals together whenever possible. I'm no good at food posts, but I thought it would be nice to share a couple favourite new recipes here:
Meghan's photo of Meghan's chowder. Because my food photography skills are wanting.
Adirondack Salmon Chowder, found on What Meghan's Making. We added scallops, and the chowder was aah-maazing. Add some crusty bread smothered with butter for a perfect fall evening supper. Then drink a bottle of wine, and everything will start to feel right with the world again.

Bal's No-Butter Chicken and Anoop's Weekend Roti from a particularly mouth-watering episode of Spice Goddess. Far and away the most flavourful meal I have ever made, and the butter chicken was about a zillion times more deilicious than anything I've ever managed to procure from a mix.

 I've also recently made a lasagna, chicken tortilla soup with homemade stock, and butternut squash soup, but don't have the recipes for those because I was mostly just wingin' it.

Hmm... I kind of like cataloging recipes I liked here. Maybe this can be a regular post? If you can use the word regular in reference to a blog that's been silent for 26 days, that is.


  1. Sounds delish to me! I have also fallen into the large gaps between postings hole. :)

  2. I'm still followin' you, girlie...please DO add your new recipes, I need some more! love you...xoxo

  3. You just made me drool !! Gosh this looks soooo good !!