Sunday, September 26, 2010


Have you ever noticed that when you ask a question, the universe often comes back with the perfect solution? Not to solve big life issues, of course, but little things. Like one day you mention how you'd like to learn more about Killer Whales, and the next time you turn on the TV there's a documentary on about them. Or like when I asked about How long is too long for a party table and then Outstanding in the field struck the blog world seemingly within minutes.

Anyway, today is one of those days. Or, more specifically, this Wednesday was one of those days, but I have a backlog in my blog reader due to three days without electricity - More on that later.

Because today, only a few days after stating that we need to remedy the couch-wall situation, I saw this:

DIY: Laurie's Herringbone wall design over at Design*Sponge

Now let me tell you why this is perfect:
1) It would bring some much needed pattern into this room
2) Although the measuring and taping might prove time-consuming, it looks fairly easy.
3) It saves me having to do the things I hate most about painting: cutting in and madly trying to get the coat on evenly, which seem to be skills which elude me completely.
4) And, when we move out of here, it will be similarly easy to cover because, again, I won't have to cut in. (Although it may be harder than usual to cover evenly.)
5) It's flippin' Chevron, Y'all. Its gorgeous.

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