Sunday, September 19, 2010

New house!

I finally found my memory card reader and was able to take a few photos of the new house! (By which I mean the living and dining rooms, because those were the only presentable rooms at the time I had the whim to pull out the camera.)


We need a coffee table! And yes, the walls are the same colour as the couch. We will need to remedy this.
The 'black side' of the living room

Door leading into the vestibule/mudroom/front entry - almost all the doors in the house have the sweet old knobs and keyholes!
Every time we open this door, Luna thinks it's walk time. She was begging to go out here.
Table and chairs left behind by old tenants. They're not in the best condition, but  I have some ideas for making them over.

The corner windows make the front of the house crazy bright, all day - probably my favourite thing about the house!
I think this light fixture is the coolest. It just needs a liiitle bit of help. 
Living room looking into dining room, Entry on the right. Like I said - Crazy bright!
 I have lots of little projects in mind for making this sweet little house (however temporary) homelike. Soon, chickens, soon.


  1. I love getting settled in new houses. It almost makes all the stress of moving worth it! AND cute dogs make it so much more enjoyable!

  2. I love your new house! It looks fabulous. I'm diggin' your entertainment center and your pup is precious, too.