Sunday, September 12, 2010

The gnocchi catastrophe 2010

Ok. So this is how it all went down.
This week was Italian week over at the Kitchn. And they kept posting all these delicious-looking meals. One of them being this gnocchi recipe.

I bookmarked it, thinking 'huh. four ingredients! I can do that!'. And yesterday, my first time being able to cook properly in over two months, seemed like a great opportunity to try something new and exciting.

I don't know what happened really. I just know that about halfway through, in potato-flour dough up to my eyeballs, I decided this had been a huge mistake. And then I couldn't decide which would be worse: for it to be so delicious that I'd be tempted to make it again, or so disgusting that all my efforts were for nil.

The result was the latter. Whatever doughy mess it was that came out of my kitchen, it was not gnocchi. not even close. I followed the recipe to a T, except that my dough was so very sticky that I had to add somewhere close to twice the recommended amount of flour just to be able to handle the stuff. And then once it was cooked, it just tasted like flour.
This ain't a photography blog, clearly.
On the upside, the goat cheese-tomato sauce (which I also made from scratch, loosely based on this recipe) was very yummy.


  1. gnocchi are one of those things where its easier and more delicious to just buy them. unless you're an Italian grandmother :)

  2. Gnocci is super tricky... We've resorted to just buying them pre-made too... The sauce looks good :)
    Beneath the Acacia Tree