Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I n this post, I would apologize for being a bad blogger and never writing anything, except that then, if one were to go through my archives, every second post would be apologizing. And I get in trouble for apologizing for things too much anyway (even things beyond my control), so here:

I refuse to in any way apologize or regret my lack of posts.


That felt weird.

Anyway, moving on, the new year is here! And this year (and more importantly, the next four months) is scheduled to be one of the most monumental years of my life so far.

My very last practicum of my very last year of nursing school has officially begun, and not such a very long time after that comes my wedding. And sometime during this madness, between a busy practicum schedule (pediatrics!) and a weekly breastfeeding course and wedding planning and general housekeeping and cooking and living, I have to find myself a job. Oh, and shower every so often.

And even though I know I am capable of living it all one day at a time, I know I will get through it, I know that most likely everything will be fine, or better than fine - fabulous, even! I find myself with the anxiety that I think is inevitable when any person is standing on the verge of a big change.

It's kind of like preparing to jump off a cliff so tall that there are clouds between you and the bottom so that you can sort of see it, but not clearly. And knowing everything you ever wanted is at the bottom of it all, and moreover, that you won't get hurt by the fall.

But oh, what a very high height.

(daily drop cap )

(edit: I went to FFFFOUND just now, and look what's on the very first page:)
(hooray for small coincidences!)

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