Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Ever since seeing this post written by this girl, I have been obsessed with tiny, dainty, delicate, pretty rings. I have searched for them in jewellery stores, and they do exist - but they are all diamond-encrusted and expensive, regardless of girth. And while no girl would say no to a bit of sparkle - especially tiny, dainty, ladylike sparkle - I'm just not convinced that an eensie weensie ring would hold its diamonds well enough to stand up to my nursing career*. Also, our budget for rings is $400 for both of us, and well... diamonds just don't fit.

so, etsy to the rescue, of course!

Also, what are your thoughts on mixing metals? My engagement ring is a white gold solitaire, but I am kind of feeling yellow or rose for a band - and then the next day, I just call myself crazy and 'decide' on white again. I am stuck.

*I plan on wearing the band only to work for hygenic reasons, and the engagement/band set together pretty much the rest of the time - so they need to work well together and seperately.

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