Saturday, December 26, 2009

I have a dream (kitchen).

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Everyone fantasizes about the future. I sure do. I believe that visualizing the future helps us figure out what we want and keep focused on the paths to achieving our dreams. Some of those dreams are personal, familial, spiritual, even. Some are financial, especially for those of us toeing the poverty line. One of my dreams is to have a fabulous kitchen.

Shallow, sure. But, well, who doesn't want a fabulous kitchen? But I also dream of attaining that kitchen beautifully and affordably, without anything generic or dateable.

I dream of white lower cabinets, fabulous countertops in a combination of carerra marble (my splurge) and thick butcher block, which I will chop on unashamedly, beleiving that knife marks = character. My dream kitchen has a huge island, a great pantry, and meticulously efficient drawers and cupboards. It doesn't have to be huge, but I'd like the island to house a stool or two at which I can sit with my books and coffee in the mornings.

It has great appliances, but they aren't stainless steel, because I firmly beleive that this is the avocado-green of the future. I cook with gas if possible, but a ceramic cooktop is also acceptable.

there are no upper cabinets, but open shelving is welcome for displaying collections of lovely ceramics and useful tools (in my dream kitchen, dust is not an issue).

floors are wooden. no contest. Limed, if possible, would be perfect. oh, and laid in a herringbone parquet pattern, please.

Backsplashes are important. I like back-painted glass, or black pennyrounds. The walls are white (probably) and there is a skylight or other source of incredible natural light (definitely).

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Do you care for a cup of coffee in my fabulous eventual kitchen?


  1. can i dream of your kitchen with you? it's so lovely!