Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wedding, part eight - We stood there and we made promises

Anna: I love you.

Kyle: I love you.

Anna: And even though our lives are on the verge of some big changes,

Kyle: And I can't make any elaborate promises,

Anna: Because life is unpredictable and hard,

Kyle: I can promise this.

Anna: I promise to be your home, and to make you mine.

Kyle: I promise to talk with you openly every day.

Anna: I promise to listen, and to hear you.

Kyle: I promise to share in your joy,

Anna: and to be a respite from your sorrows.

Kyle: I promise that my words, my actions, and my heart will be honest and loyal always.

Anna: I promise to love you fiercely, and sweetly,

Kyle: Just as I have these past seven years, and above all,

Anna: I'll carry your heart with me

Kyle: I'll carry it in my heart.

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