Saturday, March 20, 2010

A lot of words in which I actually say very little

I haven't often posted photos of myself here. Not for any particular reason, of course, just because I don't want this to be a 'this is what I did this weekend, and we got sooooo druunk and took some photos' or whatever, and truly, it's not often that I take photos of myself/have my photo taken without at least a small level of inebriation. It's just how it is; pulling out the camera and making pouty faces is usually more fun after a glass of wine or four that it typically is dead-sober, you know?

Huh. off-topic.

The reason I'm putting this picture up is twofold:

One, I made this necklace with a mind for something bold and cheerful to wear for the wedding. I'm not sure yet whether i'll wear it for that purpose, but it's fun, no?
The other reason I wanted to post this picture was that I ABSOLUTELY HAD TO show you all my lovely new lip colour, which I went on a quest today for with Nina after seeing this chanel lipstick ad:

Isn't that colour on the right just perfect? I had to have it. Never before has an advertisement had such a strong effect on me. Chanel isn't exactly in my budget right now, but I'd have splurged for it if I had to.

Luckily, I didn't. I found a perfectly comparable colour at a pharmacy by a brand I'd never noticed before called Pupa Milano for around half the cost of Coco's version.

Anyway, My intention was to show you the colour in my photo, except once uploaded off my iphone I realized the colours are awful and you can't tell at all. So please, take my word for it - my lips look just like Vanessa Paradis right now.

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