Thursday, November 12, 2009


I have been a bad girl. This semester for me was seriously backloaded in terms of due dates, and therefore, in the next twenty-two days, I have the following to do:

  1. 8-10 page paper on hospice care
  2. In-class presentation about hospice care, followed by a 4-page reflection about said presentation
  3. In-class presentation about the need to bring back professional nursing associations in Canada
  4. Reflective practice Narrative re: something, anything I have done in Practicum
  5. Short in-class presentation related to my practicum
  6. 10-page critique of 2 research articles
  7. Final practicum self-evaluation
  8. Prepare a teaching plan and teach 6 classes of high school kids about healthy relationships, birth control, nutrition, and Diabetes (not all on the same day).
Um, yikes. Where was my foresight? Wish me luck! It may be a while until you see me here again - 22 days, perhaps. Good thing I didn't commit to NaBloPoMo.

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