Monday, September 28, 2009


We received and set up the new bed frame on friday.

I am new to this bed-under-the-window setup, but it gives us a little bit more walking-around space in our very small bedroom. (the photo had to be taken from outside the room.)

Note to self: move the bed 3 inches to the right.

my new mission in life is to fill the bedside-table void with something unique and modern-ish on both sides. The sole bedside table (a sad, precarious Ikea LACK side table) is on Kyle's side of the bed now, and as I am really the only one who uses it, that will have to change.

these window films were inspired by this project on Design*Sponge. They block most of the ugly view out the windows, of the gravel driveway and parking area at the back of our house, which serves all four units in the house. This means a lot of people walk by our bedroom window. The films do a lot to help the bedroom feel private, and not like a puppet stage or peep show.

Things have calmed down with the landlord drama, so we have decided against moving for now. because a) it sucks to find a place allowing pets and b) we are not currently in a position to sign a lease, because there is a very good chance of moving away from here once I am done with school. The health authority here has a hiring freeze on, and I need me some money! Various locations have been thrown around in talks, but the latest and most bizarre: Los Angeles, or The Last Place in the Known Universe I Would Ever Have Desired to Live. More on that another time.

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